About Us

So why did we pick the name Derkle for this site?

Finding interesting, relevant news on training and development was an adventure.  Derkle is a city in Senegal that has been frequently associated with another greuling adventure – the Dakar Rally. This site aims to be the page you look at each morning with that first cup of coffee in the office, right behind your national news.

Who’s behind Derkle.Com? Why did they create this site?

Derkle.Com is a site owned and operated by Oak Tree Systems, Incorporated (OTSI).  It’s a Virginia company located right in the heart of the state on U.S. 29 between Lynchburg and Charlottesville.  If you remember The Waltons, well – Walton Mountain is in our backyard. We share the same principles of family, decency and ethics of that famous show.

The principal staff at OTSI has a combined 50+ years of training experience, coupled with the same amount of experience in software development. OTSI was building LMS’ before the term was even coined – 1994.  Back then it was a training database called Boomerang.  In a tribute to the architecture of that system, some of those data objects continue to live on in one of OTSI’s other projects – TrainingForce.

We’ve developed this site because as we’ve operated our own business, there’s so much “noise” that it’s virtually impossible to separate news and information that has value from the tidal wave thrown our direction each day.  What’s real information of value, versus buzzwords or BS?  This site tries to provide the former, and eliminate the latter.

Corporate Information:

Oak Tree Systems, Inc.
694 Front Street
Lovingston, VA 22949

(434) 263-6700

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