December 28 – January 2, 2014

MD Employers Drive Training Programs
LE Training Addresses Unique Active Shooter Issue
Aviation Groups form Training Alliance
AZ Burn Center Rotations Improve Military Medical Skills
Project-Based Learning vs. Problem-Based Learning vs. XPL
Book:  How to Design TED Worthy Presentation Slides
What is “Good” eLearning Anyway?
Teaching Coding Skills in K-12 Schools
LA College Halts Enrollment to Revamp Program
Law Enforcement Uses Holidays to Train in Schools

The Gamification of Medical Training
Learning & Development as part of Talent Management
OH Firm Cited $239k by OSHA for Safety & Training Violations
Get Ready for 2014:  Santa Training
New Training Audience:  Landlords
Methodology: Wildfire Fatalities Lead to ID Discussions
Instructor Indicted for Failing to Follow Regulations
XBox and Kinect Used in Post-Stroke Training
Safety Firm JJ Keller Announces Leadership Changes
Qatar Using Mobile App for Technical Training
Simulator Technology in US Navy Wins Award
USAF Special Operations Medical Staff Training
LA Paramedics Change Active Shooter Responses
Columbia County, GA Expands Sheriff’s Office Training Facility
Customers vs. LMS Vendors:  Stop Hating Your LMS
How to Discipline Your Mind Like a Navy Seal

Ohio Schools Offering Civilian Drone Training
UK NHS Learning Manager Jailed Over Theft
Reasons Your Business Technology Is Failing
Lab Offers 3-D Manufacturing Training & Resources
When Training is Used Improperly
NSTA – Mickelson ExxonMobile Teacher Academy RFP
Technology Augments Law Enforcement / EMS Driver Training
Baltimore Police Officer Sentenced for Training Incident
Custodian Uses CPR Training to Save Student
Idaho firm eCommerce Support, LLC Settles with Idaho AG
Interesting NYT Article on Millennial Culture

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