Training Lapses at ConEdison Exposed in Inquiry

Inquiry Reveals Flaws in Training of Con Ed Workers

According to Times reporter Patrick McGeehan, the New York Public Service Commission’s inquiry into a March 2014 explosion in Harlem has exposed significant issues with ConEd’s training of natural gas personnel.   The root cause of the explosion, which killed eight, has not been determined by federal authorities.

– From the New York Times site (7-31-2014)

RFP: Michigan Works! Seeking Training Vendors

RFP:  Michigan Works! Seeking Training Vendors

Michigan Works! is seeking “proposals from qualified training providers who have the capacity to develop and deliver both web-based and classroom training workshops.  These workshops must be designed to support the skills and knowledge of workforce development professionals and be relevant to federal and state workforce development program services.”

RFP Closing Date November 14, 2014.

– From the Michigan Works! web site. (8-1-14)

PluralSight Expands Software Training for $45M

PluralSight Buys Digital-Tutors For $45 Million to Add Media Software Training

PluralSight took a major step this week, buying Digital-Tutors for approximately $45 million.  The purchase adds over 1,500 courses to its existing catalog of software training programs.

– From TechCrunch.Com (4-9-2014)

21st Century Learning Design

Full Article:  Rethinking Learning Design in the 21st Century

Interesting webinar summary by an attendee of ‘Rethinking Learning Design in the 21st Century’ by Lance Dublin, CEO & Chief Solution Architect, Dublin Consulting.  The summary covers four areas as they relate to 21st century learning:

    1. Organizational characteristics
    2. Learning trends and performance
    3. Principles from today’s learning models that still apply
    4. New principles and new models

– From the TrainingZone.Com web site (2-10-2014)

Blackboard in Trouble at Liberty

Derkle Original / Exclusive Content

UPDATE:  For the third time in as many weeks, Liberty University has experienced major problems with it’s Blackboard online learning environment.  Using the same e-mail language, the Provost’s office notified students and faculty of further extension of deadlines.  The extension e-mail was followed at 3 AM with additional reassurance that the University understood the significance of the problem and were taking immediate action.  Additional information distributed this afternoon (2-10-2014) details the following changes:

  • Rewriting “thousands” of lines of code;
  • Implemented a new CAS login page;
  • Increased server capacity; and
  • Increased bandwidth

ORIGINAL POST (2/3/2014):   For the second time in eight days, the world’s largest Christian university is apologizing for issues with the Blackboard online learning environment.

“Liberty University’s Blackboard environment has been experiencing slow response times an/or outage for an extended period of time,” read an e-mail sent to faculty and students at just after 2 A.M Eastern time this morning.  “We apologize if these disruptions in service have impacted your student experience and personal learning schedules.”

The majority of Liberty University’s online learning classes use a set calendar week for all courses, with assignments due at 11:59 PM each Monday evening.  On January 27th, issues with core systems including central authentication resulted in similar problems. Most students and faculty could not access access the system. Based on those issues, academic leadership was forced to extend academic deadlines by 24 hours.  The same extension was granted to students this week.  The issues have proven frustrating for students and faculty members alike, many of whom are adult learners balancing family, work, and school.

Liberty’s web site promotes an online enrollment of over 90,000 students.   The issues with Blackboard follow an upgrade of technologies prior to the spring semester. The Blackboard environment is used by over 2,700 colleges and universities across North America.

— Posted 2/4/2014

CA: Training Firms and Government at Odds

Full Article:  California agency scrutinizes newfangled providers of tech training

California’s Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education has warned a number of “coding academies” that their activity falls under the agency’s jurisdiction and they must apply for recognition as a provider. The article provides a solid discussion of the key points on each side; coding academies say the agency is stifling new ways of doing business while the agency says consumers must have protection when thousands of dollars are paid with the promise of a new job.

– From the Inside Higher Ed web site (2-3-2014)

Find Employers that Invest in Training

Full Article:  Experts suggest finding employers who invest in training

The article suggests that one way for employees looking to move up consider employers that invest in training.  Goldscheider suggests a number of reasons for this, including the ability to grow knowledge for starting your own business.   Overall a good article from the individual’s perspective on the importance of workplace training.

– From the Northampton, MA Gazette (2-3-2014)

Training on a Holodeck

Full Article:  A Holodeck for All Your Training Needs

Northrop Grumman has created a Virtual Immersive Portable Environment (VIPE) Holodeck. The system is comprised of relatively inexpensive portable components that can provide an immersive training environment for one or two military operators.  The system may prove useful for training a variety of other professionals.

From the Engineering.Com web site (1-29-2014)

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FL: Summer 2014 Employability Skills RFP

Full Article:  Summer 2014 Employability Skills Training RFP

Broward County, Florida’s WorkForce1 Program is seeking proposals for the provision of youth employability skills training, staff training and worksite supervisor training related to the summer work experience program funded by the Children’s Services Council of Broward County.  The RFP closes March 4, 2014.

– From the WorkForce1 web site (1-31-2014)

What Happened to Vocational Training?

Full Column:  What happened to vocational training?

Good column from Florida questioning the current status of vocational training in schools, and for unemployed persons.  The author questions whether current initiatives are politically motivated rather than for the betterment of communities and workers.

– From the St. Augustine, FL Record web site (2-1-2014)

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